Patrick Lose

Autumn in the Air Blue Buffalo Check
Autumn in the Air Flowers on Blue
Autumn in the Air Green Plaid

Autumn in the Air Green Plaid

Remnant:   3 yard cut great for long borders or backing..

$27.00 $13.49

Autumn in the Air Knit-Green
Autumn in the Air Orange Plaid

Autumn in the Air Orange Plaid

Remnant:  3 yard cut for backing..

$27.00 $13.49

Neutrality Diamonds Carbon
Neutrality Diamonds Mushroom
Neutrality Dotted Arcs Misty
Neutrality Dotted Arcs Putty
Neutrality Dotted Arcs Stormy
Neutrality Kit

Neutrality Kit

This is a great quilt for those who like low-volume fabrics and colors.  This quilt top will fi..

$195.00 $229.95

Neutrality Round and Round Angora
Neutrality Round and Round Gull
Neutrality Round and Round Oat
Neutrality Sticks and Stones Clay
Neutrality Sticks and Stones Husk
Neutrality Straight Grain Asphalt
Neutrality Straight Grain Gray Clay
Neutrality Straight Grain Wheat
Neutrality Tangled Circles Foggy
Neutrality Tangled Circles Ivory
Neutrality Tangled Circles Mudpie
Neutrality Thatched Clay
Neutrality Thatched Cool Gray
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