Block of the Month Programs

A Block of the Month program allows you to pace yourself through a large quilt with getting instructions for a block each month.  The later part of the program gives you steps to put parts of the quilt together until you have the entire top sewn together. 

As with any quilt pattern, the fabrics and the pattern will help you to create a quilt top as per the pattern.  If you decide to alter the pattern to make it bigger, the amount of fabric purchased in the kit will most likely not cover your creative changes.

We have your registration broken down into different segments.

Each program has a set price.  Additional charges are added onto the set price to reflect additional fabrics.  The kit price does not include shipping. Shipping charges will be applied to each shipment.

Registration:  $30 per kit  This fee is NONREFUNDABLE but could be used towards the final cost.  If paid in full, we will reduce the kit price.  If you pay over several months and complete the program, we will not charge you for the last $30 of the program fee.

All-Inclusive: You get the pattern, the fabric for the top, binding, and a Creative Opportunity Kit (FQ’s of each fabric in the top in case you make a cutting error) or all the the previous items plus backing. Your choice.

If you don’t want the all-inclusive package, you can pick and choose.  

There is a section to choose how frequently you want to receive your patterns:  All at once or monthly.  And a choice to charge your card all at once or send an invoice for monthly payments.  The option to have all your fabric and instructions sent at once and payment to be billed monthly isn't allowed when ordering as there isn’t an online option feature that can tell the difference so your card will be charged at one time.

Each block of the month program will require a separate $30 registration fee. 

When choosing to pay all at once, we will send all of the fabric in the first month with instructions for month one only unless you indicate you want the entire pattern sent at one time.  We will process the entire order upon receipt of the order when the ship all fabric at once option is chosen. Once an order has been placed with the option to pay all at once, we will charge your card less the registration fee.

If you choose to pay for the program over the duration of the program, the initial charge to your card will be adjusted to reflect the registration fee + an equal percentage of cost split over the time of the program + $8.50 shipping if you choose to have us mail out each month’s package. Subsequent shipments may have a lower shipping rate depending on the weight of the package.  If you choose the option to pick up in the shop, there is no shipping fee.

Au Naturel Criss Cross Cream
Dreaming of Tuscany

Dreaming of Tuscany

This pattern was created by Pine Tree Country Quilts, a Maine design team, to go along with QT Block..


Foundation Papers

Foundation Papers

100 sheets, 8.5" x 11"..


Lakeside Pattern

Lakeside Pattern

Use your own set of fabric to make this 93" square quilt top...

$22.95 $29.99

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