Surprise Boxes

2024 Surprise Boxes

Our Surprises Boxes this year will still be surprise boxes but we are expanding it a bit with a few options.

Quarterly Surprise Boxes

With the quarterly club, we will be sending out the book with the first box you order along with the goodies to make a project for that month. Months 2 and 3 will provide you with fabrics and extra goodies for another project from that book but you won’t know which project so the surprise continues through 3 months. 

If you forego month one, but buy during either the second or third month of the quarter, we will send the book in the first box you get from us. 

You will also have the opportunity to upsize your box with additional items for the project or to make the project bigger.  

If you choose the quarterly option, the upsize options will vary through the months but you will be able to choose the upsize options monthly.

How do I pay for the boxes?  You can order them online and choose one of the options provided as seen below.

Basic Monthly Fee:  $39.99 plus shipping

Basic Quarterly Book Club All at Once (3 Surprise boxes):  $130 Plus taxes shipping included

Upsizing your monthly boxes under the All At Once payment plan may incur a $5 shipping fee depending on the additional weight of the package. We can call for the payment or request a PayPal payment.

NEW!!!  Monthly Mini Boxes

Small surprise boxes for those who love mini pieces of art to work on.  Priced at $24.99 per box plus shipping, these will be a perfect small weekend project or possibly done in a day.  Available to purchase starting on the 15th of each month, they will be shipped out on the first of the month.

Order quarterly and save on shipping. The Quarterly price will be $84.99 plus taxes and a $3/box shipping fee. The quarterly fee will be charged all at one time. You will be able to upsize your box individually for each month. Additional shipping charges will apply for the upsize.

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